Kuruneko Yamato (くるねこ大和)

Kuruneko Yamato is a manga author and commercial designer who also runs a blog of the same name. She has graciously allowed us to use the content on the Kuruneko Yamato blog as the basis for a series of articles on Satori Reader.

She originally started the Kuruneko Yamato blog to find families to adopt the cats she rescued. Today, the blog contains announcements about the cats available for adoption, as well as a manga series based on the daily life of the 10 cats—mostly rescues—that currently live with the author.

The content on the Kuruneko Yamato blog has also been made into the “Kuruneko” and “Hapi-Hapi Kuruneko” book series.

To learn more about what happened to Kousoku-Kun, check out her books or the links below!