Satori Reader is lovingly crafted by the same folks that brought you Human Japanese.

We’re passionate about providing the support and guidance we wish we had while learning the language, and delivering it through culturally relevant, engaging stories. We know that learning Japanese can be a challenge, so we put our hearts into making your journey as fun and enjoyable as possible. Know that behind every translation, every note, and every story, there’s a team here at Satori Reader that’s cheering you on.

Meet the team

The following are some of the core contributors behind the content you see on Satori Reader, but we are fortunate and grateful to have worked with many other talented voice actors, audio engineers, software developers, and more. To everyone who has been a part of Satori Reader, either as a a contributer or a user, thank you for being a part of our story!

Brian Rak Founder
Rika Nakajima Writing / Editing
Voice Acting
Hiroe Noma Writing / Editing
Kenny Lino Annotation / Proofreading
Shane French and Studio Rendezvous Team Graphic Design / UX
Alan Núñez Software Development
MV Studio (Tokyo) Voice Acting / Audio Production
Shun Eguchi Voice Acting
Sayaka Eguchi Voice Acting
Join the team!

We’re always looking for writers, voice actors, Japanese speakers and software engineers to add to the magic of Satori Reader. If you’re interested in joining our spectacular team of collaborators and contributors, please contact us.

About our community

One of the most unique and special things about Satori Reader is that when you learn with us, you’re learning alongside friends, peers, and experts with a similar love of the Japanese language and culture. Our community has grown organically over time, starting from folks helping each other in the discussion boards and morphing now into a larger presence across the web.

Head to our community page to learn more