About the Satori Reader Team

We're a small team that is dedicated to one thing: making really great Japanese learning resources—the kind we wish we'd had when we were at earlier stages of our journey.

In a world filled with vocab memorization apps, we strive to go deeper. Obviously, mastering your vocabulary is a critical component of learning a language. But vocab alone won't get you there. Our goal has always been to help students understand the nuts-and-bolts of the language, the way the pieces fit together. Our Human Japanese line does just that, in an approachable, down-to-earth way. We are constantly humbled when people write to tell us how the apps have resonated with them.

Satori Reader is our best effort to give students at a variety of levels what they truly need in order to put what they've learned—either in Human Japanese or from other resources—to use and grow. We sincerely hope you find it helpful on your journey.

Thank you from all of us and ganbatte kudasai!

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