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Japanese reading and listening practice at just the right level

Looking for reading material to put your Japanese to use?

You've come to the right place. Satori Reader provides carefully curated, level-appropriate content with which to practice and grow.

With thoughtfully annotated stories and a unique system that presents Japanese text in a manner appropriate to your knowledge, it bridges the gap between the controlled, textbook Japanese that most students start with and the wide-open world of real-life, native communication.

How does it all work? Read on.

Written and annotated for you

We start by writing interesting stories at a friendly difficulty level suited to an intermediate student. Our team of editors then carefully annotates the Japanese text, linking every word to a dictionary entry showing the exact sense being used in the current context.

We go deeper

We also show how each conjugated word relates to its dictionary form. Additional notes provide deeper explanation for multi-word expressions and tricky constructions. We try hard to anticipate what might be confusing to an intermediate student and proactively explain things.

Translations and recordings

Finally, translations on every sentence help you to double-check that you've understood things correctly, and per-sentence recordings let you practice your listening.

Tap the words and icons in the paragraph below to try it out.

(Don't worry if the kanji is challenging. We've got you covered—keep reading!)

[Interactive Content]

Kanji, kana, and furigana—matched to your specific knowledge

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of learning to read Japanese is the chicken-and-egg problem of kanji. Before you've reached a critical mass of knowledge, it's easy to feel swamped by all the characters you don't yet know.

Satori Reader solves this by dynamically choosing to show you words in kanji, kana, or kanji with furigana (readings) based on your knowledge and preferences. This allows you to challenge yourself for words whose kanji you should know but not get bogged down by the kanji you haven't yet learned. Or, have Satori Reader show the kanji as written but include furigana over words that contain characters you don't know. Or show everything in kana. It's completely customizable and you can try different settings instantly.

How does this work? In the example below, we've set up three imaginary users, each with a different kanji knowledge. Pick a user, then try different display preferences and watch how the text changes in response.

Pick a user
Mike: Elementary School, Grade 1
Sara: Elementary School, Grade 6
Yukiko: High School, Grade 3
As Written
According to My Knowledge
According to My Knowledge
Pick a user
Mike: Elementary School, Grade 1
Sara: Elementary School, Grade 6
Yukiko: High School, Grade 3
As Written
According to My Knowledge
According to My Knowledge
Sample article goes here

Built-in support for spaced repetition review

Encountered a word you don't yet know? Instantly create review cards from within the stories you read. Then use the built-in spaced repetition review system (SRS) to efficiently revisit those words, including the complete original context in which you saw them.

This is important because so much of our memory of a word is tied to the context in which we learned it. Revisiting that context transforms the word from an arbitrary sound to something meaningful.

For simplicity, this demo uses the "Show Kanji As Written" setting, but within actual reviews, all Japanese text is sensitive to your knowledge and display preferences.

Card X of Y
Round Complete!
[Stats of some sort here]
At the end of this round, you have X cards currently due. Start another set now?
Start Another Set (Due Only)
Start Another Set (Due + New)
Congratulations—You're all caught up!
You have no cards currently due for review. Why not do some reading?
Read Now
Or, if you're really eager to continue with flashcards, we can quiz you on cards that will be due in the future.
Recent “Hard” Cards
Future-Dated Cards

A steady stream of fresh content

In order to grow with your Japanese, you need not only to learn new grammar and vocabulary, but to exercise what you already know by seeing it used in new and varied ways. You also need exposure to different styles of communication. After all, the way close friends talk is different from how you would speak to your boss at work or with a stranger on the street. Similarly, the style of writing in a newspaper article is different from what you might find in an email.

We've prepared a wide variety of content, organized into a constantly growing collection of fun and interesting series. With fresh new content appearing all the time, Satori Reader is your constant companion on your journey to ever higher vistas.

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“I'm really loving using Satori Reader! It's been really useful and I feel like the easier versions of the articles are absolutely perfect for my level of knowledge.”

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—Sofia A

“Your site is by far the most user-friendly and robust Japanese reading application I've ever seen in 20 years of teaching.”

—Kathryn B, Japanese high school teacher

“I just want to say thank you! I use Satori Reader to study Japanese and it has helped me tremendously! The stories are interesting, and the notes are super helpful.”

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“The articles are fun to read and interesting. The tools such as listening to individual sentences and the clickable definitions are helpful as well.”


“Loving the site so far. Level-appropriate reading material is so hard to come by and this is absolutely perfect for the practice I need.”

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—Richard H

“I love studying Japanese, and I really feel like I am finally making progress, thanks to Satori Reader. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication!”

—Mark G

Satori Reader is lovingly crafted by the team behind Human Japanese. We don't mass-produce language apps. Our passion is helping people to deeply comprehend Japanese, and we think you'll see that reflected in our work.

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