Satori Reader makes use of the following components and data. We sincerely thank the owners for making these components available for use.

License: MS-PL
Copyright 2009-2016 Josh Close and contributors

Reliably and straightforwardly aids in the seemingly simple task of reading and writing CSV files, which is surprisingly more complicated that you might expect.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (V3.0)
Copyright 2015 Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

Base dictionary data is JMDict, originally written/compiled by James Breen at Monash University and graciously shared publicly.

License: MIT
Copyright 2007 James Newton-King

The de facto library for working with JSON in .NET.

Noda Time
License: Apache 2.0
Copyright 2015 Jon Skeet, et al.

Provides major improvements for working with time and timezones over .NET DateTime / DateTimeOffset.

License: BSD New
Copyright 2015 Michael Wolfenden
All rights reserved.

A library that aids in fault handling and retryability.

License: Public
Copyright 1991 SuperMemo World

Our spaced repetition review functionality is based on the SM-2 algorithm, which the original developers have graciously made public domain. We have made several minor modifications, which we list here as required by the SM-2 developers:

  • We allow users to customize the interval before the second repetition.
  • We pad intervals generated for Q={4,5} so that there is a minimum difference of one day between levels 3, 4, and 5.
  • We allow users to configure a bonus factor that will be applied to intervals for cards they mark Easy.
  • We show the next intervals that would result from pressing each feedback button.