An icon representing the total episode count in Satori Reader.
1300+ episodes
Choose from 33 (and counting!) series across different difficulty levels. New episodes are added each week to keep you motivated to continue learning. Custom artwork and voice acting accompany each episode. It’s like Netflix, but for learning Japanese.
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A pencil and ruler icon represents the grammar explanations that are woven into stories.
In-line grammar explanations
You’ll feel like you have a personal tutor sitting next to you with our extensive in-line explanations. Satori Reader’s experts anticipate learning challenges and proactively provide the support you need to progress forward.
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An open book icon represents the annotations connected to each word and sentence in Satori Reader text.
Sentence annotations
Each sentence in a Satori Reader story is thoroughly annotated with translations and other notes so you can develop a deeper understanding of the Japanese language and the meaning of the text you’re reading or listening to.
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A feather icon represents contextual definitions, which means that each word in Satori Reader stories is connected the appropriate dictionary entry for how the word is actually being used in that sentence.
Contextual definitions
For every word in Satori Reader, we’ve thoughtfully selected the proper dictionary definition that makes sense in context of our stories. Simply tap any word in any story to instantly see its definition in that particular context.
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A computer screen icon represents the adaptive text display feature of Satori Reader, which accommodates Japanese text to your individual knowledge of kanji.
Adaptive text display
Perhaps the most powerful tool Satori Reader offers. Choose to see kanji, kana only, or kanji with furigana on top. You can even tell Satori Reader to display words “According to your knowledge,” giving you a customizable learning experience based on your understanding of kanji.
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Two phones show different screens from Satori Reader. One is a view of the Review screen showing a flashcard, and the other is a view of a story, showing story text and a header image.

Richly annotated story text. Captivating audio.

Tap the words and icons in the paragraph below to try it out.
(Don't worry if the kanji is challenging. We've got you covered—see below!)
[Interactive Content]

Kanji, kana, and furigana—customized just for you.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of learning to read Japanese is the chicken-and-egg problem of kanji. To learn and exercise your kanji, you need lots of reading practice. But before you've reached a critical mass of knowledge, it's easy to feel swamped by all the characters you don't yet know.

With Satori Reader, you can choose to see words in kanji, kana, or kanji with furigana (readings) based on your individual knowledge and preferences. For example, you can choose to see the text exactly as the author wrote it, but see furigana over words that contain characters you don't know. Or, choose to see kanji only in words that contain at least one character you know. Or choose to see everything in kana only. It's totally customizable, and it's completely up to you.

How does this work? In the example below, we've set up three imaginary users, each with a different kanji knowledge. Pick a user, then try different display preferences and watch how the text changes in response.

Sample article goes here
Pick a user
Mike (knows 80 kanji)
Sara (knows about 1000 kanji)
Yukiko (knows about 2000 kanji)
Show Kanji...
As Written
According to My Knowledge
Show Furigana...
According to My Knowledge
Pick a user
Mike (knows 80 kanji)
Sara (knows about 1000 kanji)
Yukiko (knows about 2000 kanji)
As Written
According to My Knowledge
According to My Knowledge
Card X of Y
Round Complete!
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At the end of this round, you have X cards currently due. Start another set now?
Start Another Set (Due Only)
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Congratulations—You're all caught up!
You have no cards currently due for review. Why not do some reading?
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Or, if you're really eager to continue with flashcards, we can quiz you on cards that will be due in the future.
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Future-Dated Cards

Smarter review cards.

Create review cards for new words you encounter while reading. The cards bring along the entire sentence you originally saw the word in, including audio and notes. You can even collect multiple sentences for a given vocabulary word, helping you to build connections and lock the word into memory.

In this demo, to keep things simple, the Japanese is shown with the "Kanji: As Written" and "Furigana: All" display settings, but when you add words to your review deck, they will match your knowledge and display preferences, just like episode content.