1300+ episodes
Choose from 33 (and counting!) series across different difficulty levels. New episodes are added each week to keep you motivated to continue learning. Custom artwork and voice acting accompany each episode. It’s like Netflix, but for learning Japanese.
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In-line grammar explanations
You’ll feel like you have a personal tutor sitting next to you with our extensive in-line explanations. Satori Reader’s experts anticipate learning challenges and proactively provide the support you need to progress forward.
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Sentence annotations
Each sentence in a Satori Reader story is thoroughly annotated with translations and other notes so you can develop a deeper understanding of the Japanese language and the meaning of the text you’re reading or listening to.
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Contextual definitions
For every word in Satori Reader, we’ve thoughtfully selected the proper dictionary definition that makes sense in context of our stories. Simply tap any word in any story to instantly see its definition in that particular context.
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Adaptive text display
Perhaps the most powerful tool Satori Reader offers. Choose to see kanji, kana only, or kanji with furigana on top. You can even tell Satori Reader to display words “According to your knowledge,” giving you a customizable learning experience based on your understanding of kanji.
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Contextual flash cards with audio
Make a flash card from any word, in any story you read, and add it to your deck for further study. You’ll see not just the word, but the context in which it was used from the particular line in the story you selected, and the audio clip from the story. Choose to review newly added cards, those under active study, or see the words you’ve already learned.
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Captivating audio
Listen to one sentence at a time or play through an entire episode at once. Native Japanese voice actors will captivate your attention and help improve your Japanese listening comprehension. Our native apps allow you to download content in advance so you can listen offline.
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Personalized dashboard
See recently started, bookmarked, and newly released episodes. You can also mark your favorite series, so you can go back and re-test your understanding as your language skills progress. Navigate quickly to your study list, heatmap, and discussions from one place.
Usage heatmap
Record how much you study each day and get a visual representation of your commitment to learning over time. A little competition with yourself is sometimes the best motivation there is to keep learning!
App or desktop experience
Listen at home or on the go! Download the app or log into your Satori Reader account from your desktop computer or laptop.