Closeup: After the Tokyo Subway Attack

In 1995, a doomsday cult perpetrated an attack on the Tokyo subway that killed twelve and injured thousands. Learn what happened afterward in this in-depth series.

This 11-episode series is written like a documentary and contains legal and other terminology that might be unfamiliar to many readers. This warrants a difficulty rating of Advanced, but it also represents a great opportunity to to learn the kind of vocabulary and grammar that appear in this sort of writing.

Note: For those unfamiliar with the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack, you may be interested in a three-part story in our News series that covers the attack, including survivor reports. (The linked series requires a subscription. If you're not a subscriber and you'd like to read the background, there is also good coverage on Wikipedia: English | Japanese.)

Episode 1
Starts at the end, reviewing what happened for the leader of Aum Shinri Kyou and his associates.
Notes: The first sentence of a news piece is often the most information-dense, and this one is no exception. An extensive note helps you to break it down and determine if this series, which contains challenging Japanese, will be right for you.
Editions Status Difficulty
Standard Unread 4.0(47 votes)
Episode 2
At the trials of leaders of the cult, a clearer picture begins to emerge.
Notes: This episode contains excellent criminal justice vocabulary, as well as notes clarifying what several terms mean.
Editions Status Difficulty
Standard Unread 3.4(21 votes)
Episode 3
Asahara's legal team tries two tactics that do not have the intended effect.
Notes: This episode contains a breakdown of a very information-dense sentence, plus a detailed explanation of the word uttaeru, which has several senses.
Editions Status Difficulty
Standard Unread 3.4(13 votes)