Kiki-Mimi Radio

A chance discovery of a curious radio leads to unexpected consequences in this modern retelling of a Japanese classic.

In the Easier editions, we've worked to constrain the grammar to a modest set of basic patterns, and at only 27 episodes, this series should feel approachable for people who are just getting started reading real Japanese stories.

Those who are more advanced (or those who have graduated from the Easier editions) will enjoy the Harder editions, which include more challenging grammar and vocabulary, as well as Harder-only extended notes.

We hope you enjoy this story.

Episode 1
A nearby park provides the perfect venue for the narrator's daily routine.
Notes: This episode contains notes on the difference between two words related to going out for a walk, as well as two words for "many."
Editions Status Difficulty
Easier (SFX) Unread 3.1(66 votes)
Harder (SFX) Unread 3.1(33 votes)
Easier (Voice Only) Unread 3.5(11 votes)
Harder (Voice Only) Unread 3.7(12 votes)
Episode 2
The narrator takes a look around a market event going on in the park.
Notes: This episode contains several examples of a special pattern for naming examples, and a note that breaks it down.
Editions Status Difficulty
Easier (SFX) Unread 3.3(33 votes)
Harder (SFX) Unread 3.4(17 votes)
Easier (Voice Only) Unread 3.6(4 votes)
Harder (Voice Only) Unread 3.8(3 votes)
Episode 3
The narrator happens on an interesting item as she looks around one of the tents.
Notes: This episode contains a note on a common word that can be used to say a device or machine "runs" or "works."
Editions Status Difficulty
Easier (SFX) Unread 3.8(10 votes)
Harder (SFX) Unread 3.0(too few votes)
Easier (Voice Only) Unread 3.0(too few votes)
Harder (Voice Only) Unread 3.0(too few votes)